8100 senior neutral silicone rubber structure
8100 senior neutral silicone rubber structure

Product characteristics

1, one component, neutral curing, high strength, high bonding, high modulus, has strong anti displacement ability.

2, and most of the building materials can get excellent bonding sealing performance, and has good extension, water density and other functions.

3, the product formed after curing cold and heat resistance, no corrosion of the elastomer, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistant, ozone resistant and low temperature resistant performance, no pollution to the environment.

4, the company and other silicone rubber has good compatibility.

Main use

1, glass curtain wall, stone (marble, granite) curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall and metal structure engineering structural bond assembly seal.

2, applicable to the glass of the wrong or docking, lighting top, hollow glass two bonding seal.

3, high-rise building and industrial application of sealing and bonding.

4, applicable to the design of the curtain wall and other types of construction and industrial seal.

Construction Summary

1, does not apply to all the oil, plasticizer or solvent of the surface of the object.

2, should not be used for confined space or directly exposed to the surface of food or drinking water.

3, the surface of the substrate temperature below 4 degrees Celsius or more than 40 of the construction should not be.

4, should not be bonded with copper or copper alloy material.

Safety notice

1, sealant construction site special attention to maintain a good ventilation environment.

2, as the eye contact uncured adhesive, immediately with plenty of clean water and medicine to help.

3, users in the use of this product, must be compatible and bond strength test, to confirm that the product and the substrate can meet the requirements of the construction.

4, the company only on the product is in compliance with the quality requirements to ensure that the product in the use of the process due to any accident or improper use of the loss is not responsible for.

Storage period:

In the dry coal environment and 27 degrees Celsius storage, storage period of 9 months.

Meet the standards:

GB 16776 - 2005


Non hazardous goods transport.