8000 double component silicone sealant for insulating glass
8000 double component silicone sealant for insulating glass

Product characteristics:

1, a two-component neutral curing silicone sealant, specially designed for sealing hollow glass.

2, curing speed can be adjusted, deep curing fast, short curing cycle and mechanical facilities, is conducive to the construction process.

3, the metal, coated glass and other building materials without corrosion, and most of the building materials do not need to be coated to obtain excellent sealing performance.

4, the product A group of white, B group of black, A:B group by volume ratio of 10:1 (mass ratio 12:1) mixed use, mixed after the color is black.

Main use

Suitable for hollow glass two channel bonding seal.

Construction Summary

1, does not apply to all the oil, plasticizer or solvent of the surface of the object.

2, should not be used for structural assembly.

3, should not be used for long-term immersion in water or wet place all year round.

4, B component can react with the air is the water, can not be prolonged exposure in the air.

Safety notice

1, sealant construction site should pay special attention to maintain good ventilation.

2, such as eye contact to the uncured adhesive, immediately with plenty of clean water, and to the doctor for help.

3, users in the use of this product must be carried out before the test of compatibility and adhesion, to confirm the product and the substrate can meet the requirements of the construction.

4, the company product is only to meet the quality guarantee, but based on the construction conditions (including base material, construction method, climate differences, etc.) should be performed before pre test and independently determines whether the applicability of the products to meet the construction requirements, as the product in use for any accident caused by the improper use or loss of the company is not responsible for.

Storage period:

Placed in a dry environment and under 27 degrees Celsius for 9 months.

Meet the standards:

JC/T486 - 2001


Non hazardous goods transport.


A group: B 190L group: 19L