Acid glass glue

Acid glass adhesive

1, suitable for sealing and blocking leakage and weatherproof use for both indoor and outdoor (indoor is better), anti leakage effect.

2, bonding the various internal decoration of the car, including: metal, fabric and organic fabric and plastic.

3, bonding heating and refrigeration equipment on the gasket.

4, on the metal surface with no screw bars, nameplate and paint with plastic material.

5, on the door of the oven window, gas appliances on the flue, pipe joints, sealing the passage door.

6, provide instant leak proof pad forming gear box, compressor, pump.

7, the cabin and window seal. 8, trailer, truck cab glass seal.

9, adhesive and sealing equipment parts.

10, the formation of wear resistant coating.

11, mosaic and fill the thin layer of metal sheet, pipe network and equipment chassis.