The classification of silicone rubber glass packaging products

Silicone sealant from the product packaging can be divided into two categories: single and double component. One component of the silicone rubber, the curing is in contact with the moisture in the air and produce change in physical properties; two-component silicone rubber is divided into A, B two group, any group alone can not form a cure, but the two groups have cured once mixed mortar. At present, the common market is one component silicone sealant.

One component silicone sealant in nature is divided into two kinds of acidic and neutral gum gum. Acid glass is mainly used for the general bonding between glass and other building materials. The neutral gel can overcome the characteristics of acid adhesive corrosion of metal materials and the reaction with alkaline materials, so it has a wider application range, and its market price is slightly higher than that of acid.

A kind of special glass glue on the market is a structural silicone sealant, which directly used for glass curtain wall of metal and glass structural or non structural adhesive assembly, so the quality requirements and product quality is the highest glass glue and its market price is the highest.