The constraints of structural silicone sealant

All kinds of silicone sealant use are subject to the following restrictions:

1, long-term immersion of the place should not be construction;

2, does not attend the oil, plasticizer or solvent material;

3, frost or wet surface can't glue;

4, completely closed at the Department can not be cured (silica gel to the air in the water cure);

5, the substrate surface is not clean or not strong.

Acid glass plastic limit conditions

Acid silicone glass glue or adhesive will not corrosion of copper and brass (copper and other alloy), magnesium, zinc, metal plating (and other zinc alloy), brick stone also suggested items and cementite matrix do not use glass glue in acid, methyl methacrylate (PLEXIGLAS), polycarbonate, polypropylene and TEFLON (polyethylene, Teflon, PTFE) made of materials on the use of this product will not be able to obtain good adhesive effect and good compatibility. More than 25% mobile connection joint width is not suitable for use in the structure with acid glass glue, the glass is also not the best ordinary glass adhesive acid (except acid, also in a structural adhesive) and abrasion can cause real defects of the place should not use acidic glass glue. The substrate surface temperature more than 40 DEG C acid silicone rubber for construction.

Neutral weather resistant adhesive

Neutral weather resistant plastic is not applicable to the structural glass assembly; the surface temperature of the substrate is not suitable for the construction of more than 50.

Restrictive conditions of structural silicone sealant

The substrate surface temperature more than 40 DEG C silicone rubber structure for construction.