7132 large glass special glue
7132 large glass special glue

Product characteristics

Aquarium special Gum 1, the strains of acetic acid type, single component, room temperature curing.

2, 100% import mortar, has high elasticity, high movement, fast curing speed, easy to use.

3, toughness, bond strength, and most of the building materials with good bonding performance.

4, excellent water resistance, anti aging, climate and high temperature performance, with long service life.

Main use

The sun and the process of plate adhesive seal glass 1, plate glass, aquarium, roof.

2, all kinds of glass windows, signs, display cabinets, such as bond seal.

3, all kinds of decoration engineering glass bonding seal.

Construction Summary

1, can not be used for structural bonding assembly.

2, users in the use of this product, should first contact material compatibility and bond strength test, to confirm the qualified after the construction operation.

3, this product is acidic curing, the concrete, porous stone, coated glass, copper, lead, zinc and other materials have a certain corrosion.

4, the company only on the product is in compliance with the quality requirements to ensure that the product in the use of the process due to any accident or improper use of the loss is not responsible for.

Safety notice

1, the product will be released during the curing process of acetic acid, acetic acid concentration in the air will damage the respiratory system, stimulate the skin and eyes, so the workplace should pay special attention to maintain good ventilation.

2, the uncured this product is acidic, irritation and corrosion "obviously to the skin and eyes of l students, should not be in direct contact with the skin and eyes, if they contact, rinse with plenty of water immediately, and then ask the doctor to check.

3, the product will not be released after the release of harmful substances, and will not damage the skin.

4, the non curing of the product should avoid contact with the child, should be placed in the child can not touch the place.

Storage period:

Placed in a dry environment and under 27 degrees Celsius for 9 months.

Meet the standards:

T14683 / GB - 2003


Non hazardous goods transport.


300ml / 260ml